Iran conference


Premiere: September 14, 2018, Warsaw, Teatr Dramatyczny m. st. Warszawy - Scena na Woli

Premiere of the latest play by Ivan Vyrypaev, the most promising European playwright (The New York Times). An international scientific conference dedicated to the situation of Iran takes place in Copenhagen. Scientists, journalists, social activists, representatives of the authorities, clergy, and Iranian poet meet to talk about a possibility of communication between people who are brought up in different religious and social traditions. The play is an intimate dialogue about the world around us and about ourselves.



Premiere: December 9, 2017, Warsaw, Teatr Polski

Uncle Vanya without cut offs. Word after word. Ivan Vyrypaev allows the author to speak for himself on his own behalf. From the beginning to the end, treating the text as an inviolable score, he tells the story that took place in the rural estate of the Voynitsky family, between the arrival and departure of the professor Serebryakov and his beautiful wife Yelena. Between the lines hides a sophisticated story about an era that has passed, about people who are gone...



Premiere: August 2, 2017, Warsaw, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

The main protagonist of this performance is a journal read by the outstanding Polish actor: Andrzej Seweryn. He gives his voice to Polina and that way she can tell us the story about her experience and about what has happened over the time of 10 years during the two Chechen Wars. This is also a story about how to remain a human in the most inhuman circumstances.



Premiere: October 14, 2016, Warsaw, Teatr Polonia

Sunline is a comedy by Ivan Vyrypaev, which shows how to achieve a positive result. This time, the well-known playwright and director deals with the most current subject of our time – building communication between people. How to get into a real, deep contact with another human being? How to listen and be heard? How to get out of formal relationships and start truly communicating with others? How to grow up and go your own way, overcoming the clichés of family life?