Iran conference

Ivan Vyrypaev


English translation: Cazimir Liske, Boris Wolfson
Polish translation: Karolina Gruszka


Premiere of the latest play by Ivan Vyrypaev, the most promising European playwright (The New York Times). A large dose of humor and intelligent irony combined with important questions and observations on the contemporary world. An international scientific conference dedicated to the situation of Iran takes place in Copenhagen. Scientists, journalists, social activists, representatives of the authorities, clergy and an Iranian poet who, after 20 years spent under house arrest has left her homeland, meet to talk – on the example of Iran – about a possibility of communication between people who are brought up in different religious and social traditions. Spirituality and internal development, relations between knowledge and faith, understanding of freedom, difference between knowledge and information – their statements and polemics reflects many dilemmas that we face in everyday life. The play is an intimate dialogue about the world around us and about ourselves. Ivan Vyrypaev carefully and without simplification draws the portraits of his characters. As always, Vyrypaev approaches the subject with uttermost respect and love to his audiences. Controversial topics are fully contained within the boundaries of art and are designed not to upset, shock or irritate any of the audience members.

Premiere: September 14, 2018, Warsaw, Teatr Dramatyczny m. st. Warszawy, Scena na Woli im. T. Łomnickiego


Philipp Rasmussen – Krzysztof Kumor
Daniel Christensen – Juliusz Chrząstowski / Michał Klawiter
Oliver Larsen – Richard Berkeley
Astrid Petersen – Agata Buzek / Anna Moskal / Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra
Emma Schmidt-Poulsen – Magdalena Górska
Magnus Tomsen – Philip Mogilnitskiy
Gustaw Jensen – Mariusz Zaniewski
Father Augustyn – Redbad Klynstra
Shirin Shirazi – Patrycja Soliman / Justyna Kowalska
lectors – Anna Moskal, Michał Klawiter / Jan Hussakowski,

and the voices of – Karolina Gruszka, Paula Godusławska, Maciej Zuchowicz


director: Ivan Vyrypaev
2nd director: Michał Rogalski
costumes: Maria Duda
scenography: Karolina Bramowicz
music: Jacek Jędrasik
production assistants: Paulina Strzyga, Jakub Olszak

Produced by:  WEDA Creative House, Aksenov Family Foundation in association with MIA Group and Found “Fundacja Sztuki Kreatywna Przestrzeń”

Project partially financed by capital city of Warsaw